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Ms. Margrit : I am not personally at Baseline Studio everyday and may not see everyone. The unit at the Baseline Rd. location is small and unfortunately no room for an office.  I solely administer the studio and personally teach out of my home studio office on Roser Cres.  I am involved with the set up of every student's lesson plans and organize exams,  festivals, competition, recitals and master classes . The studio schedule is prepared and administered by me. In the near future I will be offering on-line and SKYPE theory lessons.

I hold regular staff meetings and request monthly updates from my teachers.  

I am always thrilled to speak to parents, students and teachers alike. I am available at the home studio by appointment. I personally teach Mondays and mentor Tuesdays. Wednesday afternoon I run a Math and French tutoring club 4-6 pm

Email is the best communication for me .


Private Lessons :  Offered throughout the year and are given in weekly 30, 45 and 60-minute intervals. You may attend twice weekly if you wish. Fees in all subjects are charged by the school year, which is 33-38 weeks from September to June, depending on the lesson day. Fees are set according to organization standard. Discounts may be applied for multi-lessons and  multi-family lessons. Weekends are already prorated. Summer lessons are available.


Student Progress: Lessons are scheduled back to back, teachers are not able to discuss progress before or after lessons. Please let me know if you wish to set up a time to meet with me and the teacher and I will be happy to do so anytime. Private music lesson progress depends on the commitment.


Protocol: Attendance at the studio requires a respectful behaviour. Entering and exiting the premises should be done quietly with as little disturbance as possible. Our premises are small and even though sound panels are in place, sound travels. We do not have the proper area for a waiting room for parents or guardians. The chairs in the centre room are for students to wait until their teacher is available. We ask that you park and wait or come back at the appropriate time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you feel uncomfortable about this arrangement, please bring it to my attention. Students are asked to wait inside the building for their rides. At the home studio we ask that the parent comes to the door. No student is to stand in the parking lot or in the driveway to wait for their ride. 


Schedule Changes and Absence Alert: Schedule changes can only be made with me personally. I will always try to work with parents and students to assist busy schedules. I have a special schedule set up for hockey, soccer players and adults.

Absences should be called in as soon as possible. Let me know too when you are scheduling a vacation time. Please do not request schedule changes from the teacher. Please do not request personal contact information for your child’s teacher or ask the teacher to attend your home or theirs for a lesson.

Sometimes, I also request a change and appreciate you working with me.


Attendance: Lesson time is reserved. The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually and prepared. Lateness for a lesson will only receive the balance of the lesson. If the teacher is late, the student will also only receive the balance of their lesson, however, the student is offered a make-up session. NMS reserves the right to reschedule lessons in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Make-Up lessons:  Make up lessons are not a given. Lessons are counted whether the student is there or not.

Out of courtesy for sickness I offer a maximum of 3 absences between September and June. I may be able to offer a make up for vacation, however, it is only if time permit. Inclement weather and teacher absence will be made up to the best of our ability. Absences without notice will not be offered a make-up lesson. There is no group lesson make up.

As of September 2018 make up lesson may be offered in a group setting as a master class.


Health Alerts: Please assure that you inform us of any health issues that could occur while your child is at their lesson. This includes insulin dependant diabetes, allergies including puffers, epi-pens or food, epilepsy or any seizure possibility.

 As well, please share any learning, behavioural, emotional or identified issues in order for us to plan the most beneficial program for your child.

Immunization must be up to date in order to attend. Should your child contract a communicable illness please contact me personally. 

Please keep a sick child home.