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Studio Information and Policies

Administration, Student teacher training, Piano Pedagogy , Music History and Musikgarten classes are taught at the 102 Roser Cres. (home studio). All other classes and lessons are taught at the 159 Baseline Rd. (studio #2).

Private Lessons offered throughout the year are given in weekly 30, 45 and 60 minute intervals. You may attend twice weekly. Fees in all subjects are charged by the school year, which is 33-38 weeks from September to June, depending on the lesson day.

In Person Attendance at both studios requires a respectful behaviour. Entering and exiting the premises should be done quietly with as little disturbance as possible. Online Attendance requests a quiet, private, well lit area in the students home, away from family bustle and noise.

Online and In Person lesson time is reserved. Please be on time.

Absenteeism and Make-Up lessons: If parents make a personal choice to miss a lesson, they forfeit that time. My teachers and I are willing and able to teach at the scheduled reserved time and not obligated to offer our time again whether it is an online lesson or in person lesson. If time and space is available a student may be offered a make up for teacher absence or inclement weather days. Snow days will be offered on line to the best of our ability.

Schedule Changes and Absence Alert Schedule changes can only be made with with the administrator. Please do not request schedule changes from the teacher, regardless whether an Online lesson or In-Person .Absences should be called in as soon as possible. Let the administrator know if you are scheduling a vacation. .