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        PRE-NATAL MUSIC * Music for the Womb Room

It all starts here …Have you ever wondered what it sounds like inside the womb? A baby lives in a stimulating world filled with sounds, motions and vibrations, and the first sounds a baby hears are the rhythmic, natural sounds of heartbeat, blood circulating, and the whoosh of amniotic fluid.


The ear begins to develop during the third week and at twenty weeks; a baby's ear resembles an adult's in shape and size. Four weeks later the hearing is fully developed, and a baby can hear voices, music and other sounds outside the womb. The sounds in the womb are muffled, however, the melody and rhythm of music are not much altered. A baby's brain registers rhythmic patterns, and changes in beat and melody is picked up.


Listening to music can enhance a baby's life in the womb by stimulating the ear, brain, and body. Music is an important form of communication, which prepares the baby for later learning in life. A foundation for sound and language comprehension is laid. Listening to music and singing is a healthy and wonderful way to stimulate a baby's development.


Babies develop prenatal memories, and they recognize and prefer music and songs that they have heard in the womb. The sense of familiarity has a soothing effect, and it may help to calm a crying newborn. Familiar music might make a newborn baby suck more intensively or move their body more. It’s very comforting to both baby and mother that pre-natal music is played during delivery.