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Fees and Payment Methods...Please contact us for private lesson fees.

Private lessons are identified as Recreational and Enriched to assure that all private students are in the correct program.

A combined program is available , fees are adjusted accordingly.

However, any student who wants to qualify for Royal Conservatory of Music exams will need to be in the Enriched program. This assures that all co-and pre-requisites for certification are on target. Formal exams do not need to be done every year, however, to receive high school credits we must follow OSSD policy for private music certificates.

For any student going into music after the post secondary level, either as a study major or a minor, University entrance audition criteria must be met. For piano and voice, for example, entrance criteria is Grade 9, voice needing also to qualify for piano at the Grade 6 level. For any other instruments, like violin, flute, or guitar, the student must reach Grade 8 level, needing to qualify for piano too at the Grade 6 level.

We offer Master Classes, part of the enriched program, the fee for these classes is included in your lesson fees . Recreational students may join in the Master Class too, for an extra fee /session. 

 Payment Methods:

Fees are paid one month ahead. Please find below the ONLY payment methods accepted by NMS. Lessons are prorated to an equal monthly payment. Christmas, March and Easter breaks are deducted.  Monday, Friday and Saturday are prorated to accommodate long weekends. It is not necessary to deduct from the fees.


  • Ten (10) postdated cheques (or starting date) are requested for lessons to commence. All cheques are payable to the studio and should be dated the 1st of the month, one month in advance.


  • Two (2) install payments, where the 1st install can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque, however, the 2nd install must accompany the first in form of a postdated cheque dated January 1. Payment is due Sept 1.


  • Prepay the year with 5% discount which  can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque. Payment is due Sept 1.


  • Six (6) week trial period is a one time offer and is paid in full, upfront. Lesson time and day is reserved should the new student decide to continue.


  • Twelve (12) week renewable adult lesson programs are paid in full, upfront. Absences, other than studio cancellations, are limited to two (2) per twelve week session.


Returned Cheques: subject to a $45 service fee. Accounts in arrears are subject to a $20 service fee and lessons will be on hold until fees are paid in full.

Refunds: There is no refund for missed classes. A pro-rated refund, less an admin fee of $45.00 per student, if your written request to withdraw is received one month in advance. For monthly payments the remaining cheques will be returned.

For pre-paid, one month written notice (no later than Nov.1st )  No refund after Nov. 1st of any teaching year, in any program. All refunds will be based on the monthly fee for each student