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Teaching Staff


 Owner and Principal .... Margrit Lore Radermacher Voisin, BA, FCM, ECME

Principal and owner of Neighbourhood Music Studio is an advanced level, certified registered teacher through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

She is affiliated with the RCM, ECMMA, ISME, CANADA ORFF societies since 1974. Margrit teaches piano and theory in all levels, specializing in music history. She teaches the RCM Piano Pedagogy program mentoring student teachers to qualify for teaching certification.

Margrit is an Early Childhood Educator as a licensed Musikgarten and Kindermusik teacher.  She also dedicates much of her time to research in regard to assisting special needs and unique learning skill students to obtain their academic potential through the arts. 

 “I am most grateful and very blessed for the over 3,500 students who have attended NMS throughout these 25 years and continue to do so today.  Whether we played music together for a short time or a long time, sometimes between 11 and 14 years, each cherished moment was a gift to me. The fact that currently I have second generations attending is even more astonishing. The dream just gets better.”      Thank you!!  Margrit



Ms. Marsden Barrick, BA,

Ms. Mars has been teaching violin, piano and ukulele at NMS since 2010. She is a member of the Northumberland Orchestra. Ms. Mars enjoys assisting her students in RCM exams and festivals. Ms. Mars teaches group and private violin and fiddling to children and adults.     



Ms. Esther Vogel, piano, theory and Musikgarten instructor. 

Ms. Esther is a performer, accompanist and teacher who loves to inspire others with her music. Esther is a compassionate and connects well with students of all ages. She is working on her ARCT teaching certification in piano. Esther also teaches Musikgarten under Ms. Margrit’s tutelage, for babes to age 5. Esther had the privilege of being home schooled and is a very active member in the community.


Ms. Heather Beckett BMus, BEd, ARCT (Voice), Gr. 10 (Piano), Orff, Kindermusik. Ms. Heather has been teaching since 1985 and has acquired many wide and diverse experiences, including significant experience with students of all ages. She prepares students for piano, vocal and theory examinations through RCM exams and Kiwanis Festival, many achieving a “First Class Honours” result. She has good  rapport with her students. Her dedication and enthusiasm, along with her gentle, kind and patient guidance, has inspired in many a life-long love of music.



Mr. Brian Bracken, teacher and professional performer . 

Brian has both shared the stage with and accompanied numerous Canadian and international award-winning artists.  His diverse musical attributes, dynamic style, creativity and character have earned him great respect in the industry. Brian enjoys teaching students and brings his enthusiasm of playing several instruments, guitar, bass, uke, mandolin, drums, sax, just to name a few, to lessons.


 Mr. Stacey Thompson, teacher, performer, award winner.

Stacey is a four time best-in-class (RCM) medal winner.  He teaches guitar and piano at NMS. Stacey has travelled with a cover rock band and is currently working on writing and recording songs for a coming collection. Stacey has been involved in several musical charitable events and has received many awards and scholarships through the Kiwanis and Rotary music festivals.


Ms. Ana Garcia-Flores, Sr. Voice student teacher. 

Ms Anna is being mentored by Ms. Heather. She teaches beginner to intermediate voice and vocal group lessons. Ms. Ana also teaches beginner piano in private and group format. Under Ms. Margrit’s tutelage Ms. Ana teaches Musikgarten Babes and Tots classes with parent accompaniment, as well as, youngers age 3-5. Ms. Ana is a multi-award winning musician.