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These affordable weekly group classes are a great enhancement to private lessons. 


Choir and Musical Theatre

All students are eligible. Our SHOUT OUT COMMUNITY CHOIR and MUSICAL THEATRE group performs at venues around the region for Christmas and other celebrations  and at our yearly recital and festival. 


Fiddler Group

A violin and a fiddle are the same instrument. The difference is the type of music we choose to play. Violins are commonly associated with classical music while fiddles are associated with more folksy styles like Celtic jigs, reels, two-steps, bluegrass, Métis, French Canadian, or Cape Breton styles. This is also a great entry level class for beginners. Classes may be split by age group if necessary.


Rock Band

Weekly rehearsal with the group, personalized coaching and a mixed selection of old and new rock styles. The group meets weekly and performs at our yearly recital. Rock Band is a vital part of private guitar and percussion.



Group Piano, Voice or Ukulele Age 5-7

Ideal for the newbie instrument student or Musikgarten graduate. Classes are small. Note reading, time, rhythm, dynamics and articulation are taught and perfected. A good prep class to private lessons. Ensemble and musical theatre work.

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