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The world's finest system of structured music study and assessment, The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program, is a comprehensive and effectively sequenced system of music study and standard of assessment. It provides a clear path for well-rounded musical training, from beginner to advanced levels, and a consistent and meaningful structure for recognizing achievement, and rewarding excellence.

In all instruments and voice Ten Levels (1 – 10), plus Preparatory/Introductory Levels and Professional ARCT (Associate of The Royal Conservatory) designations for performers and teachers. Technical requirements, etudes, repertoire, ear training and sight-reading at each level. 

 Achievement in Royal Conservatory examinations equates credit toward secondary school graduation in many school systems across Canada and is an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges across North America.

Formal exams do not need to be done every year, however, to receive high school credits we must follow OSSD policy for private music certificates. For any student going into music after the post-secondary level, either as a study major or a minor, University entrance audition criteria must be met. For piano and voice, for example, entrance criteria is Grade 9, voice needing also to qualify for piano at the Grade 6 level. Other instruments, for example violin, flute, or guitar, the student must reach Grade 8 level and qualify for piano as well at the Grade 6 level.


Any Instrument examined including Voice:

Grade 7 Practical + Level 6 or Level 7 Theory equal a Grade 11 High School Credit.

Grade 8 Practical + Level 8 Theory equal a Grade 12 High School Credit.

Grade 9 Practical + History and Harmony equal a pre-University Credit on the recommendation of the teacher

Piano Pedagogy Teaching Certificate for Piano. This certification is available at NMS through private piano lessons and starts at the Grade 9 level. Three (3) levels in Piano Pedagogy, the study of the teaching of piano playing, together with co-requisites, culminates in a Teacher’s ARCT Diploma.