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Recreational or Enriched Lessons

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion



Music lessons in recreational genres like pop, rock, classical, jazz, alternative and more using a variety of repertoire to keep the lessons stimulating, upbeat and progressive.

Any student who wants to qualify for RCM exams will be considered in the enriched program. This assures that all co- and pre-requisites for certification are on target. Formal exams do not need to be done every year, however, to receive high school credits we must follow OSSD policy for private music certificates. Master Classes will be part of the enriched program. Please visit our RCPAGE to learn more about this program.


Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. The term also describes the academic study and analysis of fundamental elements of music such as pitch, rhythm, harmony, and form, and refers to descriptions, concepts, or beliefs related to music. Here at NMS Theory is taught immediately upon instrument lesson. The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program has Theory co-requisites to achieve accreditation.


Our lessons include teacher coaching, as well as, the preparation time by the teacher, which includes:


Student progress depends on the commitment. I believe in the importance of form, style and musicality rather than how long one practises. Thorough understanding of the teacher’s instructions and time managing factors of practice and patience make for a well-rounded practice session.

Parental involvement is very important, especially for the beginning student, to assist with reading instructions and writing. Teachers give simple lesson plans to follow and the parent can assume the role of “assistant" while the child is playing, always ready to give positive input and praise. Students who are entering competition or preparing for exam need parental guidance to keep up their self-esteem and feel a partnership. It is wonderful for the whole family to have a music student in the home.