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 Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. – Plato

In a Master Class, all the students watch and listen as the master teacher discusses, analyzes  and demonstrates music that students have prepared.

Students usually perform a single piece, which they have prepared, and the master advises on how to play it, including anecdotes about the composer, demonstrations of how to play certain passages, and common technical errors. Master classes tend to focus on the finer details of attack, tone, phrasing, and overall shape, and the student is expected to have complete control of more basic elements such as rhythm and pitch. All students can benefit from the master's comments on each piece.


We have an annual Recital at the end of the Spring Semester. The fee for this recital is $25 per family with part of the fee going to a charity.


NMS Awards are handed out yearly at the recital. Best in category medals given to students at the recommendation of their teachers and for Kiwanis attendance.

PETER BEAR, Junior award,  $50 toward music lessons, a trophy and  plaque 

LARISSA , Intermediate award, $50 toward music lessons, a trophy and plaque 

MARTA TUTERS, senior award, $50 toward music lessons, a trophy & plaqu

(IJA) ASJA STONSKAJA-PLINOKOS, music education award , $100  Grade 9 +


NMS music students are able to enjoy entering festivals and competitions. Even young students may join in and play without competing.

Kiwanis Music Festivals and other regional festivals is a great place to start.

The mission of the festival is to provide music access to the adjudication process. The goal being to encourage the creative interests of our youth by providing a positive and constructive appraisal of performance. The adjudications are designed to inspire, direct and are aimed to encourage excellence