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Margrit Voisin, BA, FCM, ECME

Principal and owner of Neighbourhood Music Studio. Margrit is an advanced level certified registered teacher through the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has been affiliated with the RCM, ECMMA, ISME, CANADA ORFF societies since 1974.  Margrit teaches piano, recorder, flute, xylophone, theory in all levels and piano pedagogy.

She is an Early Childhood Educator as a licensed Musikgarten and Kindermusik teacher. The Kindergarten Prep program was designed by Margrit.  Her love for teaching and children is the most powerful contribution in her life. She spends most of her time now on research to assist special needs students obtain their academic potential through the arts. 


A Note from Margrit 

It was during my studies at the University of Toronto that I started my music-teaching career. One of my professors who had four children found out I lived very close to him in Scarborough and volunteered me to teach his children.  That was in 1971.  I taught music part-time on and off for the next twenty-five years.

In September 1996, I hung out my shingle and registered Neighbourhood Music Studio.  The name came about, as my married last name is Voisin meaning Neighbour in French. It just seemed right.

I am most grateful and very blessed for the 3,000+ students who have attended NMS throughout the years.  We continue to share some wonderful musical time together.

My professional staff of teachers and I are here to teach well-rounded lessons.

I am available by email 24/7 and by phone every day except Monday and Wednesday after 2 pm as I’m personally teaching.