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The arts play a central role in children’s development by giving form to experience and constructing an understanding of the real world. Imagination is an integral aspect of the development of realistic thinking.  Unlike other subject areas, the study and performance of music and art activates and engages the whole brain.

Becca’s classes are always fun and the therapeutic benefits are wonderful.  She uses the beauty of nature in many of her art forms.  Apart from formal training, she is a self-taught mixed media artist.

We have much success with our Special Needs Students too, who find that her Art classes help them focus and develop motor skills all in a relaxed fun environment. NMS offers group and private art classes.                                                  

(A1) Unleash Your Inner Sloth!


 Sketching and Painting

Students explore a variety of painting techniques. Brushwork, colour mixing. Layering and blending is taught. In this fun topic students draw then paint Sloths in their natural habitat.  

Age 8+... 8 Weeks $228...1.5 Hrs...Saturdays 9:00 am


(A2) Cartooning and Disney

 Various  Styles   

Students learn cartooning using sketching, drawing, acrylic painting, water colour.  Bring out your favourite character and make it come alive. Classes are small. This is a perfect class to build a strong art foundation. 

 Age 8+... 8 Weeks $228...1.5 Hrs...Saturdays 10:30 am


(A3) Creatures and Crafting 



Clay creations and more 

This Multi media class is exciting fun . Creating , crafting, painting, molding and more. Bring your imagination and take home your masterpiece . This is a perfect beginner to intermediate class to try different art materials and experiment with techniques to build a strong art foundation for future creative studies. All materials are included.

 Age 5-10 ... 8 Weeks $228...1.5 Hrs...Saturdays 12:00


(A4) Private Lessons


Personalized Art Projects

Catered to each student’s interests and individual learning style.One-on-one demos and hands-on instruction for each student. Focus on drawing, painting, sketching.

Age 5+ ... 8 Weeks $218...1.0 Hr....By Appointment Times