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Payment Policy:

Policy change; no post-dated cheques or cash payments please. Monthly or install fees do not need adjustments as lessons are prorated to an equal monthly billing payment. Christmas, March, Halloween Day  (if applicable), Santa Parade Day (if applicable) and Easter breaks are deducted.  Monday, Friday and Saturday are prorated to accommodate long weekends. 

  • Pay by (10) equal E-Transfer install payments, however, a late charge of $20/month is applied for overdue fees.
  • Two (2) equal E-Transfer install payments, with the 2nd E-Transfer payment install due on Jan 1.
  • Prepay the year (1) E-Transfer install payment with a discount.

IN-PERSON and ONLINE Attendance Policy,
Absenteeism, and Make-up lessons:

Lesson time is reserved.  The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually and prepared. Lateness for a lesson, either by teacher or student, the student will only receive the balance of the lesson. The student is offered a full make-up session for teacher lateness. NMS reserves the right to reschedule lessons in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

If students make a personal choice to miss a lesson, they forfeit that time. Our teachers are paid for their time and are willing and able to teach at the scheduled reserved time and not obligated to offer their time again. Most students and families are consistent and reliable about attendance, some are not, therefore, this policy is a way to support our teaching team.


24 hours or before noon of day of is very much appreciated for absence calls. The student may request an  ONLINE lesson instead. Absences without notice will not be considered for make up lesson. There are no makeup lessons for group programs. Make up lessons will be offered in person and online and may have to be added to the end of the teaching year.

Please complete online Leave request form

Public Health Safety Protocol:

In the event of a public health safety situation that calls for minimal interpersonal contact, lessons shall be delivered digitally online. All other regular lesson policies apply during this time. Musikgarten and group classes will be transferred to online as well. 

Snow Days:

In the event of inclement weather and if the KPRDSB, DDSB or KPRCDSB and DCDSB buses are cancelled, IN-PERSON students are welcome to email the administrator no later than 12 noon to cancel their lesson or sign up for ONLINE LESSONS that day at their regular scheduled time. Requests for cancellations after this time will not be allowed without charge. 

Please complete online Leave request form

Online Lesson Protocol:

Since digital learning has now become part of the new norm, we are all adjusting the best we can to this new method.  if glitches occur we will work around them always keeping the quality of lessons in mind. We use the Zoom platform to ensure a secure classroom.

Here are some hints for success:

  • A good internet connection and browser…a cell phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop
  • A private space in the home with minimal background noise and avoid bright lighting from behind. You should be facing the camera light to get your best exposure.
  • keep your background plain and simple. Use a solid colour virtual background if possible.
  • Wear a plain, solid color which is different from your background. It will help you stand out on the screen.
  • try to make sure your camera is at eye level so we can see you and your instrument.
  • Parents may guide if necessary.  
  • Join the live class before your scheduled time. you will be put in a waiting room until your teacher starts your class
  • Be prepared, have all books open at the dedicated music and ready 
  • Assure instrument is tuned (if applicable)