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Epic Music Lessons for all ages (0-99+)


In-Person or Online 

Our teaching team fosters your child’s love of music

Personalized lesson plans, program choices

Our lessons inspire kids to discover the thrill of playing a musical instrument

Every lesson can be enhanced for Exceptional Children

Come play with us ! Never to young or old to learn

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola,  Brass, Woodwinds 

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Private Music Lessons for all Ages

Private lessons are offered in a Recreational or an Enriched program.

The Recreational instrument program is taught providing comprehensive skills sets to enjoy a variety of genres including classical, pop, rock, jazz, and more. A variety of repertoire is offered to keep the lessons stimulating, upbeat and progressive.

The goal is to give the student a base knowledge and skill set as a starting point and to develop those to create a lifelong love of music. The student will develop into a well-rounded musician with a varied repertoire portfolio that can be enjoyed and added to.

An Online music Theory component

is obligatory and if offered in a stimulating group format.

Opportunities are offered to gain experience for performance in ensemble, solo and accompaniment format.

Students who wish to qualify for Royal Conservatory of Music accreditation through formal exams are invited into the Enriched Program. Candidates in this category must show a musical ability and potential that is necessary to accomplish the commitment requirements of the program. It is expected that time management is perfected to include a dedicated number of hours for practice (home playing), familiarization with a variety of genres and repertoire forms and styles. Enjoying the art of listening and attending at professional performances, master classes, competitions, festivals and recitals.

The Theory component is mandatory to achieve accreditation and is available in private or group format. Opportunity is available for ensemble, solo and accompanying experience. This program is a complete preparation for entrance to any University and College music programs.

Lessons in each program include teacher coaching, as well as, the preparation time by the teacher, which includes:

An individualized lesson plan for each student
Written or verbal progress report for each student
Repertoire and Subject planning
Exam, Assignment, Competition, Performance, Recital and Audition preparation
Thorough Music Theory Co-requisites at all levels
Teaching material and Technology