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Private or group lessons:  offered throughout the school year; available in weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute intervals.  Students in the “Enriched” program will receive lessons in 45, 60 or 90 minute intervals. 

The school year; runs from September to June. There are 33 – 38 weekly lessons depending on the scheduled lesson day.  Fees are set; accordingly, discounts apply for multi-subject, multi-student family and weekends lessons.  Summer lessons are available. 

Lesson fees: Monthly, Semester or Yearly fees do not need adjustments as they already take into consideration the day of the week a student receives their lesson and the affecting holidays & school closure dates.

Payment Methods: NMS does not accept payment by post-dated cheques or cash. NMS only accept payment via email transfer at this time
a) Monthly fee is due on or before the 1st of the month*.
b) Semester fee is due on or before September 1st* & January 1st*
c) Yearly fee is due on or before September 1st*
* a $20/month late charge is applied for overdue fees and your lessons maybe suspended until payment received.

Protocol:  Attendance at the studio requires respectful behaviour.  Entering and exiting the premises should be done quietly with as little disturbance as possible.  Our premises have sound panels throughout, but sound travels. We do not have a waiting room.  We ask that you park and wait or come back at the appropriate time.   Completion of our in-person music lesson consent form and questionnaire is required before student admittance.

In-person and online attendance:  Student’s lesson time is reserved.  The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually and prepared.  The Student or Teacher arriving late for a lesson will cause the student to only receive the balance of time in the scheduled lesson.   If the Teacher is late; the Student will be offered a full make-up lesson.   If the Student misses their lesson, then the lesson time is forfeit.  NMS reserves the right to reschedule a lesson in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

Online Lesson Protocol: since online learning is now the new norm; we are all adjusting the best we can to this new teaching method.  Glitches may occur but we will work around them always keeping the quality of lessons in mind.  NMS uses a web-browser interface to handle all our online lessons.  So, there is nothing new to learn.

Here are some tips for success:
1) ensure you have a strong internet signal on the device (i.e. cell phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop) you intend to use to send and receive video from.
2) use a private space free from background noise and distractions.
3) parents may guide student if necessary.
4) be prepared before the start of the lesson. Have all your books open to the dedicated music you will be discussing during the lesson.
5) assure your instrument is tuned and ready to go.

Absenteeism:  If a Student is not able to attend their scheduled lesson due to illness or weather conditions (where the KPRDSB, DDSB, KPRCDSB or DCDSB cancel bus service); they must request a leave of absence (request form found in the student/parent portal) prior to 12 noon the day of the scheduled lesson. Arrangement will be made to schedule an online lesson with the teacher in the same time slot. Teachers are not empowered to make lesson time changes.  

Student Progress:  Teachers do not have time to discuss progress before or after lessons. Please review the student/parent portal for student homework and progress. You may contact the school principal if you would like to schedule a student/parent conference to discuss student progress.

Parent involvement:  is important, especially for the beginning student, to assist with reading instructions and writing.  Teachers give simple lesson plans (available for review on the student/parent portal) to follow. A parent can assume the role of “assistant” while the student is playing, always ready to give positive input and praise.  Students entering competition or preparing for an exam need parental guidance to keep up their self-esteem and reduce stress. It is wonderful for the whole family to have a musical student in the home. 

Health Alerts:  Please ensure you inform us of any health issues that could occur while your child is at their lesson. This includes insulin dependence, allergies including puffers, epi-pens or food and epilepsy or seizure possibility.  Please share learning, behavioural, emotional, or identified issues, for us, to plan the most beneficial program for the student.  Immunizations must be up to date. 

Public Health Safety Protocol: In the event of a public health safety situation that calls for minimal interpersonal contact; lessons shall be delivered online. All other regular lesson policies apply during this time. Musikgarten and group classes will be transferred to online as well. 

This policy and information may change from time to time