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    As per legislation of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Section 5 and subsequent Subsections pertaining to in person teaching and instruction, we all agree to take certain precautions which will help keep everyone (you, me, our families and other clients) safe from exposure and sickness.

    All teaching rooms are equipped with
    - an air purifier,
    - touch-less sanitizer station,
    - touch-less thermometer.
    - Student/Teacher partition

    If any of us become exposed to someone who is infected or could be infected, or if any of us test positive for COVID we will immediately advise each student/parent and teacher so they may take appropriate health precautions.

    Your consent is required in order for yourself or your child to attend in person classes at Neighbourhood Music Studio.

    The following is a list of terms and conditions for in person classes at Neighbourhood Music Studio.

    The Student/Parent;
    1) Must complete and submit our covid-19 questionnaire prior to admittance to each on site lesson.

    2) Will wait outside or in your car at about 5 minutes before your lesson time

    3) Only the student will be admitted into the studio.
    ....Do not leave until you see the teacher allow the student into the studio.

    4) Must wear a mask at all times while on the premises.
    ....(they will be available for purchase $1/each if the student does not have one)

    5) Voice students will wear a mask entering and exiting the studio
    ....whereas, during lessons they will be behind a see through partition (mask-less)

    6) can bring a water bottle and a bag with music books, pencil and eraser only
    ....no other personal items will be allowed.
    ....coats and shoes will be left in the outside hallway.

    7) avoid touching their face, eyes, hugging or shaking hands while attending studio.
    ....Upon touching you must immediately sanitize your hands

    Our Teacher will;
    8) take the student's temperature and ask them to sanitize their hands prior to entering the studio.

    9) will wear masks and practice social distancing;
    there will be no physical contact between us other than to give guidance, direction, and support on the instruments.

    10) avoid touching their face, eyes, hugging or shaking hands while attending studio.
    .....Upon touching they will sanitize their hands.

    11) will refuse access to the studio or end lesson if the student refuses to wear a mask or sanitize their hands when required.

    The Studio will;
    12) LOCK the unit door during lesson time (to avoid walk-in).

    13) Cleaning instrument, partition and door handle after each student.

    14) Bathroom facilities are available; but not to the public (non-student).