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Wonderful Musikgarten class for kids birth to 5 years old

Wonderful Musikgarten class for kids birth to 5 years old

September 5, 2020 Musikgarten / NMS / Preschool

Course Description

Early Years Music Program birth to 5 years

Best Musikgarten class for kids less than 5 years old
Best Musikgarten class for kids birth to 5 years old

Musikgarten: Early Years Music Education

Why Musikgarten

We believe Musikgarten is a wholesome all encumbered music experience

  • The early childhood program is expertly planned, executed, and supported
  • Licensed Musikgarten teachers enjoy building a solid musical and developmental foundation
  • Parents and students enjoy the well rounded, multicultural program and age specific curricula

Musikgarten offers instruction which is just right for each age level—from your baby who benefits greatly from being part of a live music environment, right up through school-age children who delight in our private and group instrument classes.

Early Years Music Education
Early Years Music Education

Beginning with singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, we add levels of complexity as the children grow, expanding the singing repertoire, teaching more complex dances, and building instrumental ensembles. Children coming through the Musikgarten program inherently not only develop a solid music start but are socially adept, academically stimulated and scholastically prepared for school and, let’s not forget the fun factor, learning to play an instrument, including voice is bringing them.

Brains Like Sponges, music classes for Babes and Toddler, age Newborn to 2.5 …

Family Music:

Children of any age learn best through play and interaction within their environment. Our Musikgarten, Early Years Program let’s children of this age explore voice, body and musical instrumentation through creative play, movement and imagination.

Bring a Friend classes available, ask for this special discount offer. Divided into two (4) semesters. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer

Material: Song book, digital download and CD for home listening and activities, included.

I’m a big kid now! No Parent Accompaniment … age 3-5 years

Cycles of Seasons, Wind Catchers and Sun Chasers

Develop listening, attention, imagination creativity, and self-expression. Singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games. Boomwhackers, Lummi sticks. Creative movement with scarves, ribbons, balls, parachutes. Includes storytelling and primary recognition of music notation and symbols. The Cycle of Seasons nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.

Cycle of Seasons
Cycle of Seasons

Divided into two (2) semesters. Fall/Winter Semester and Winter/Spring Semester.


Material: Fun family packs with song book, digital download, 2 CD’s, listening games activities is included. This material increases the opportunity for family involvement at home.

Musikgarten offers two sequential programs Music Makers: At Home in the World, and Music Makers: Around the World. Your child is now ready for this two-year learning program that includes singing, creative as well as structured movement, playing instruments and ensemble work, ear training and guided listening. This developmentally sound approach to music literacy builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, and self expression. The children start to work with written musical patterns, too.

Wind Catchers and Sun Chasers
Wind Catchers and Sun Chasers

Makers at Home in the World, Home/Woodlands Marsh/Meadow/Seashore

Children will be engaged in activities that establish a solid music-making foundation. This year focuses on your child’s fascination with nature and develops a love of instruments. Training of the ear and continuing steps in reading music. Creative movement including folk dancing, and a variety of instruments, for example recorders and  xylophone. Focus is on listening which will lead to long-term success with music sight reading in future private or group instrument classes. Material Incl. 

Music Makers
Music Makers


Music Makers Around the World, British Isles, Germany, American Indigenous, African Heritage.

Expressive dances, stories, rituals, customs of these cultures all in a music based curriculum. Assisting in feeling and learning about others around the world.

The course continues building skills in listening, singing, music reading. Recorders, Drums, Xylophone, Ukulele .

At the end of this two-year program, your child will have a comprehensive music foundation which is an excellent preparation for the next step, either group or private instrument or voice lessons. Material Incl.

Music Makers
Music Makers




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