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September 5, 2019 NMS

Course Description

Affordable, team oriented and fun weekly group class is a great starting point for beginners.

We strongly encourage all new students to consider this format. Many accomplished musicians have learned in group formats throughout their musical career.

Class minimum of 3, maximum 6 students.

Piano Kinderspiel, beginner piano focusing on establishing a sound basis of musical knowledge.

Piano Kinderspiel plus Voice, piano beginner including a voice coach component.

Howli’n Ukes, beginner ukulele is ideal for the younger child, wishing to play guitar, with instant gratification

Flying Fiddlers, a great introduction to strings. A violin and a fiddle are the same instrument.  The difference is the type of music we choose to play.  Violins are commonly associated with classical music while fiddles are associated with more folksy styles like Celtic jigs, reels, two-steps, bluegrass, Métis, French Canadian, or Cape Breton styles.

Chirping Chickadees, introduction to voice, this group will prepare for Christmas and Spring performances, which will include outside venues. The class is structured to include a proper voice lesson component.

Rock Bands, weekly rehearsal with the group, personalized coaching, and a mixed selection of old and new rock styles. The group meets weekly and performs at our yearly recital.

Basic Information

  • Started : Sept 7
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Course Instructor

Margrit, Heather, Brian, Esther & Ana