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male musician playing drums and cymbals at concert


September 1, 2020 Bass drum / Chimes / Cymbals / Glockenspiel / Marimba / NMS / Percussion family / Snare drum / Tambourine / Timpani (kettledrums) / Triangle / Typewriter / Vibraphone (vibes) / Xylophone

Course Description

Every good band needs a great drummer

Drums are not as easy as many people think, though, as you must coordinate your right and left hand, with your right and left foot to play correctly. This is a super workout for the brain and can also relieve stress. We offer drum kit, djembe, bongos and other hand drums and percussion instruments. A variety of music genres will be taught.

Our drum students are encouraged to join our GROUP ROCK BAND programs.

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  • Started : Sept 7
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