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Teaching music students of all ages since 1996

In-Person and Online Format

Recreational and Accreditation Programs

Musikgarten, Early Childhood Music

Preschool classes

for kids from birth (with caregiver) to 5 years old


We provide a musical environment where our teacher can provide online lessons in a one on one or group format.



one on one in person lessons

one on one


Our teachers are seasoned and accredited professionals. They are Student friendly, teaching established music styles with a modern twist.


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Student/Parent reviews

Two of my kids go to this studio (1 with special needs). The teachers are professional, friendly and offer fun exciting learning experiences for the children. Margrit has fair prices, and is extremely accommodating for children’s other extracurricular activities. She is always available for any concerns or an special requests. I can’t imagine taking my children to anyone else for their music lessons.


Musical family

I started taking piano lessons when I was approximately 10 years old. I'm now 28 so I have known Margrit and the studio a long time! I asked my parents for lessons because I had witnessed a family friend playing and I wanted to be able to do that. Also, private piano lessons meant not having to be with other kids so that meant I couldn't be bullied. I didn't expect my life to change because of it but it did! I gained a level confidence in myself that I never thought would be possible. Music did that for me. But the studio and Margrit did something completely different for me. I went through a really rough time and Margrit became like a second mother to me and saved my life. I can't even write that without tearing up. Being introduced to music was the best thing that could have happened to me. But being introduced to it by Margrit. ..There are no words to describe what that means to me. Amanda


Life changing

15 years is a long time to spend with anyone. I am proud to say however, that spending this time at Neighbourhood Music Studio not only provided me with a lifetime of knowledge and memories, but a loyal friend and teacher in Margrit. Thanks to her, I acquired a wealth of musical experience as a student, peer teacher, and volunteer that moved me forward as I progressed to University. One thing that distinguishes her studio is that no effort goes unrewarded. By holding me to the standards and quality she knew I was capable of, Margrit always pushed me to realize my potential and set aside my attitude to accomplish what I now see is an amazing gift – musicianship. By applying myself to music, she rewarded me with various volunteer opportunities and my first job as a peer teacher and academic tutor. I will always be grateful for all the chances and patience she had for me, as she helped me mature into a well-rounded student and allowed me to “share my music,” as she always says. If you’re looking for a business that yields its customers a lifetime of appreciation and musical skills, you need to look no further than Margrit’s studio!


Potential realized

I took many years of piano lessons with Margrit. Those years helped form who I am, not only as a musician but as a person. The life lessons you learn from childhood music lessons are invaluable, and from the time Margrit began teaching me in elementary school through until the day I left for college, I became not only a better musician, but a better performer and a better teacher. Under Margrit's guidance I developed a skill set that I still use almost 10 years later. Thank you, Margrit, for all those years of patience and for the life-long impact you have made on my musical journey.


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