My name is Sheila and my husband Ted are frequent visitors to our local library with our two girls, Emily (4) and Karen (2). Always mindful of the cost of extracurricular activities, we are now able to sign up for more activities thanks to the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) .It gives us the opportunity to explore different activities.  The extra $100.00 per month per girl helps us to send Emily to Musikgarten where she sings, dances and interacts with other kids. The girls are also enrolled in gymnastics.



One very important experience in my life has been my music.  Music has not only

been an enjoyable experience for me, but also a very enriching one. At
approximately the age of 10, I had decided that I wanted to learn how to play the piano.  In a short while I was introduced to Ms. Margrit.  I remember sitting in her basement piano room with my mother while having an interview. 
Shortly following was my first piano lesson. My first lesson was over  I took my books home and practiced until I was too tired to practice anymore. That was probably the most exciting time in my life.
After time, piano became more challenging.  It was no longer a walk in the park, and I found myself having to practice more.  Years passed and I kept climbing the ladder – grade 2, 3, 5… Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself and wouldn’t have traded those hardships for anything.
Around my third year, I was offered to help out with Margrit’s early childhood music program.  I decided to take that as an opportunity to grow through experience.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was taking on private piano students.  Teaching taught me many valuable lessons.  I feel over the years my social skills have improved and my awareness of different learning styles has increased.  I love every one of my students and I can proudly say that they put joy in my heart.    ...Amand




I have two children enrolled at Neighbourhood Music Studio. My 16 year old son, Schuyler, has been taking lessons there since the age of 3. He started in the Early Music Program and has progressed steadily. He is currently studying to take his Grade 9 exam. Margrit Voisin has been a steady encouragement to him throughout the years. She fostered a love of music first and then pushed him to challenge himself. He has learned that through self-discipline he can accomplish a tremendous amount. This self-discipline and resulting confidence has extended into his school work where he earns top marks.My 11 year old daughter, Danielle, is still at the earlier stages of learning to love music but I can tell that her progress and success is just as important to Margrit as Schuyler’s is. Margrit is totally committed to bringing out the best in each and every individual student. ...LJ


My daughter, Alison, has been enjoying music with Margrit for 10 years now!  She started in Margrit's Early Childhood Music class when she was just 4 years old and at the age of 13 is now studying to earn her Grade 6 Piano certificate.  My daughter has thrived under Margrit's fun yet firm guidance through the piano levels, and looks forward to many more years under Margrit's wing! ...    A proud mom



When the piano teacher for our youngest daughter decided not to return to teaching a number of years ago, we were quite upset. It was late in September by the time we were told and we were afraid we'd lose a year of piano lessons.

Because the teacher knew Margrit we were able to get in to the NMS early in October. By Christmas time we had decided that all three of our daughters should go, and so the following September we sent all three daughters to be taught by Margrit. Since then our oldest daughter has finished her grade 9 piano, our second daughter is working on her grade 10 and our youngest daughter is valiantly fighting her way towards grade 8 piano.......

Margrit doesn't just teach piano - she teaches music. She makes sure the students understand music, and that they are playing music, not just the correct notes. ......They are given ample opportunity to learn and Margrit is always available for extra help. Students learn to love music, whether they are taking piano, voice or guitar. Theory lessons are taught as well, and the students are ready for their exam when they go, no matter how much extra work needs to be poured into them to get there......

Margrit invests much of herself into her students and they know that they are valued for themselves, which gives them great confidence when it comes to learning. Switching our children from their other piano teachers into the Margrit's studio has been a great decision for our children and our family. There is so much opportunity for students there, and we heartily recommend NMS to all prospective students. Neighbourhood Music Studio is something that will always be part of our family history, and we are thankful for that.. A very musical family


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