Margrit Lore Radermacher Voisin  BA, FCM, ECME

 Owner and Principal

  A Note from Margrit 


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I count my blessings every day.  As a child, I had wondrous dreams of becoming a movie star, a dancer, a singer, a flight attendant, an architect and each year these dreams would switch about. The only steady dream was to be a teacher. That dream never faltered.


It was during my studies at the University of Toronto that I started my music-teaching career. One of my professors who had four children found out that I lived very close to him in Scarborough and volunteered me to teach the children. That was in 1971. I taught music part-time off and on for the next twenty-five years.


In September 1996 I hung out my shingle and registered Neighbourhood Music Studio. The name came about, as my married last name is Voisin meaning Neighbour in French. It just seemed right.



I feel blessed that my dream came true. However, I feel more than blessed to have shared music with so many children in this community.  The students that started with me spend an average of 10-14 years in my school. That to me is the epitome of a dream.


In 2016, I am celebrating 20 years of full time teaching. WOW! What a great ride it has been and still is. I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to take piano lessons. I thank my husband Sean for the patience in letting me take the whole house over as the business grew and grew.


Last, but not least, I thank the teachers that work with me, their dedication, patience and diligence  is much appreciated.

Forever Grateful, Margrit



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Margrit Voisin  Owner and Operator

Neighbourhood Music Studio and Learning Centre is a privately owned learning facility. Lessons are set by an appointed registered time.

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Margrit  has been keeping the Beat since 1975 and as a school since 1997

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