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Our wonderful Kindergarten prep program lets the child enjoy the learning process before entering into the school system.  Starting school is a very important step in a child's life and with the new age 4 Kindergarten entry it can sometimes be overwhelming. Why not let you child enjoy our preparatory program in English or French in a relaxed atmosphere.

We offer the most important basics of education  in language and math.


ReadinKlub  we know that reading to our children from a young age is a great way to bond over characters and stories while having fun and sparking their imagination.  However, there are numerous important other benefits that early age reading can bring.

MathTalk The latest research is indicating that having strong Math skills in the Early Years is the strongest predictor of later academic achievement.

French Language Music and Foreign Language studies awaken and stimulate neural pathways in the brain that are associated with higher intelligence, such as abstract thinking and empathy.

Brain development, before the age of six, children have the ability to learn at a faster rate than they will at any other time in their lives.  Talking, singing, reading, number talk and foreign languages will have a significant influence on their brain development, and connections form as a direct result of this kind of stimulation.

Educational benefits, studies have shown that strong oral language skills set children up for literacy development.  Knowing how words and sentences work will also help children grasp the concepts of other subjects, including math and science.

Better concentration, the activity of sitting still together and focusing on the pictures, words and sounds will help lengthen your child’s attention span which is critical for helping them concentrate at school.  A regular routine and concentration will reinforce self-discipline.  Using number talk will intergrade math into everyday life.

​​​​​​​Psychological advantages
children engage from a young age not only have an increased attention span, but  they also tend to be more creative, curious and imaginative.  Early learners are also likely to become more logical thinkers, because of their ability to grasp concepts, recognize cause and effect, apply logic to different scenarios and use good judgement.


  Classes offer the use of repetition and spiraling. Concepts are introduced into everyday life  situations in a fun and non-oppressive  manner. The English and French ReadinKlub includes  story time and puppet theatre.

   16 weeks x 2      Times TBA

   Fee: $15 per session or $432 (10%) discount for 16 weeks, may be paid in two installs 


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Neighbourhood Music Studio and Learning Centre is a privately owned learning facility. Lessons are set by an appointed registered time.

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