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The arts contribute to the development of positive self concept, achievement and recognition.

What more should or can  be said !


Welcome to Margrits Neighbourhood Music Studio and Learning Centre.


My philosophy is simple, everyone can enrich their live with the arts.  In my music programs  I teach what is  called “whole concept” music. 

Meaning, a student does not only learn to play a piece of music, they learn what form and genre they are playing, why it is played in a certain manner, who they are playing and how they can put it all together for a great performance.

I have taught music since 1975.  My “musical family” members are all professionals in their own right.  Each staff member is personally selected to fit in with my methodology, as well as, with the personalities and needs of the students they are teaching.

I am exciting about the added MUSIKGARTEN program I have been teaching since 2000.I have embellished this UNIT of teaching to include an entire EARLY YEARS DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM which includes music from the pre-natal stage to 7 years.
rogram is offered in French and English and includes ReadinKlub, MathTalk and KinderFrench .

Our Kindergarten Prep

Our Kindergarten Prep program is offered in French and English and includes ReadinKlub, MathTalk and KinderFrench . The Wonderful World of Art is for age 3+.

We are also happy to announce that all of the programs offered at NMS  may be integrated for students with Special Needs and we have been having ongoing success doing so.

Nothing is ever out of reach!



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Margrit Voisin  Owner and Operator

Neighbourhood Music Studio and Learning Centre is a privately owned learning facility. Lessons are set by an appointed registered time.

905-697-2951   1-866-TUNES-50

Margrit  has been keeping the Beat since 1975 and as a school since 1997

Register now while space is available.

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